Pastor's Desk: Power Over Every Sickness

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Henry Blackaby, about his experience when his child was diagnosed with cancer at age 16 (excerpt from Experiencing God - the Musical):

"The cancer treatments could have been very devastating for us, but did God still love us? Yes he did. Had his love for us changed? No it had not.

"When you face circumstances like this, you can question and ask God to show you what is going on. We did that. We had to ask Him what we should do. We asked all those questions, but I never said, 'Lord, I guess you don’t love me anymore.'

"At times I went before the heavenly Father and saw behind my child the Cross of Jesus Christ and I said 'Father, don’t ever let me look at my circumstances and question your love. Your love for me was settled on the Cross. That has never changed and it never will.'"


When we are in need of a healing miracle, many of us will turn to God. Some will come to Him and claim their healing, expecting to receive their miracle because they prayed for it and believed it would happen. But, if they do not receive their miraculous healing, either they will be disappointed in God and question His love, or they will reason it away as a lack of faith on their part.

What can we learn about the healing miracles of Jesus? (Matthew 8:1-17)

The leper who came to Jesus for healing did not doubt Jesus' ability to cleanse him, but was uncertain only about His willingness: "Lord, if you are willing, you can make me clean." The centurion who asked Jesus for his servant to be healed believed that Jesus had the authority to heal by a simple command. His servant was healed the moment Jesus declared it, though nothing is said about his servant's faith in Jesus. Peter's mother-in-law was so completely healed of her fever that she was able to immediately serve her guests. And, the many sick who came to Jesus for healing that evening needed to be set free from evil spirits. Through those miracles, we know that God as all authority over all sicknesses and disease and that His healing miracles do not depend on our faith.

We so often misunderstand what is meant by "your faith has made you well." We certainly need faith in God, or we wouldn't bring our need to Him, and we certainly need to believe that He is capable of healing every disease. But, if He has the authority over everything that He has made, then He certainly also has the authority to deny us our request. God can have a variety of reasons to deny or accept our request for a healing miracle. Among the reasons to deny our request may be His desire to call us home to His presence in heaven. So before we claim our healing, let's remember to bring our needs to Him as requests, not demands. And, let's remember when we bring our requests, to say to God, "nevertheless, Thy will be done" and trust Him, both for His ability to heal and for His wisdom choose the right response.

When Kim was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, we shared that news with just our family, our church family and a few close friends. We went to our good and loving Father in prayer and we followed the advice of our capable doctors. Thankfully, the lumpectomy and radiation treatments were successful and just recently, through follow-up scans and mammograms, Kim received the "all clear." We didn't receive a healing miracle but we are continually sustained supernaturally and we feel God's intimate presence. Like Henry Blackaby (quoted above), we never questioned God's power or His love for us throughout our experience, because we know that He sometimes allows His loved and chosen ones to suffer. After all, He let His Beloved Chosen Son suffer the Cross to give us eternal life and draw us into His presence.

If you think you can twist God's arm, by claiming your healing miracle in faith, then you can't also be expecting to see His mighty hand and outstretched arm.


Introducing The All New 'Pastor's Desk' Online!

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Hello Friends, and welcome to the new online 'Pastor's Desk.' I will try to post some thoughts on this blog each Wednesday (sometimes I'll ask others to share here as well). My hope is that these ideas and reflections will be an encouragement and a challenge to you during your week - ideas that you can discuss around the dinner table, on your morning commute, or in your LIFE groups. So, here it goes, I hope you are encouraged. -Pastor N. Erik

FIBC DAY 2017:

Wow, what a weekend! FIBC Day last Saturday was well attended despite the threat of rain and the potluck table under the tent was chock full of delicious dishes and desserts. It quickly became a well-known fact that it was also my birthday. But what we really were celebrating was our FIBC family of many nations, a body of Christ with many members.

“Where do I belong in this body?”

A body consists of many interdependent parts and a church has many members. It is vital for a body’s parts to belong to the body and be actively functioning. Equally important, a Christian must belong to a local body of Christ and be actively functioning in that body. That was our theme, and on Sunday, we explored in greater detail Paul’s teaching in 1 Corinthians 12 about the body of Christ. It is critical that we understand how God’s Spirit, which we have in common because of our confession that “Jesus is Lord,” has distributed a wide variety of Spiritual gifts to the church’s members. Those gifts are given “for the common good,” not our own benefit. They are intended for the body of Christ to remain healthy and grow to maturity. So, if a local church like FIBC is to become everything that God wants it to be, each member must remember that (1) our body is made of many parts and (2) that those parts depend on each other. The body needs each member, and each member needs the body. Plain and simple, it means that if a Christian decides to stay away from a local church, he or she is either saying, “I am not needed” or “I don’t need the local church.”

But we should be asking, “where do I belong in this body?” Because I need others to become the person God made me to be and because I care about others, I should belong to a local church like FIBC and be an actively functioning member.

*Today's Spiritual Challenge: Do you know how you have been gifted? Are you helping a local church like FIBC achieve its mission and fulfill its purpose? Are you currently serving on a ministry team? Find out where you belong. Today.

Special thanks to Styfens for this lovely FIBC DAY video, feel free to share on Facebook!


“We look for God to manifest Himself to His children: God only manifests Himself in His children.” (Oswald Chambers)

Practices of the Christian Faith Returns Sept 26th

New discipleship class beginning this month!

FIBC's 'Practices of the Christian Faith' returns this month, beginning Tuesday, Sept. 26 at Café Cadeau (dinner is served at 7pm, discussion / course to follow).

In this interactive, 9-part course on being a C.H.R.I.S.T.I.A.N. you'll learn the basic disciplines and practices of the Christian life. It is free and open to all, but we ask that you RSVP to let us know if you will join (write to Bruno at

FIBC Day 2016

You're invited to join us for our annual FIBC Day fellowship event, taking place this Saturday, September 24 from 11:00am - 15:00 and which will feature an international potluck picnic, games, and activities. The event will be held at Slotsalleen 15 in Klampenborg (there is street parking available and Klampenborg Station is only a short walk from the party).

Please note that, unlike in past years, we will not be grilling meat as the 'main course' of this year's picnic, so if you'd like to bring a potluck meat dish, go for it! Otherwise, please bring tasty sides, drinks, salads, and desserts to share! The event is 'rain or shine' and we hope you will plan on joining us on September 24th for this very special FIBC tradition. You can email with any questions.

*Other items to bring: picnic blanket, football, and/or a swimsuit for a post picnic plunge!

See you on Saturday!


After the summer holiday break, QUEST IS BACK (FIBC's Bible study for students ages 12 - 15)! This semester's theme is 'Counterculture' and the meeting dates will be September 18, October 9 and 30, November 13 and 27, and December 4. We have a great team of Quest teacher-leaders lined up and we hope all our middle grade students can join us this semester.

Foundations of Faith Returns Sept 20th

FIBC's 'Foundations of Faith: 9 Conversations About Christianity' returns this month, beginning Tuesday, Sept. 20 at Café Cadeau (dinner is served at 7pm, FOF discussion / course to follow).

The interactive, 9-part Foundations course is free and open to all, but we ask that you RSVP to let us know if you will join (write to Jeroen at

Announcing Our 2016 Summer Sermon Series

“Christianity has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and not tried.” -GK Chesterton

Discipleship is a common word, used often in the church, that many people (even many members and leaders in the church) do not understand fully. This summer, FIBC is embarking on a nine part summer sermon series called The Living Mission: A Practical Guide to Discipleship that will help to clarify, demystify, and 'de-churchify' this essential Christian doctrine. 

Over this summer series, we will look to the life of Jesus Christ, his New Testament teachings, and the ways in which he impacted the world through his direct influence on individuals. Our goal will be to demonstrate how, in nine areas of life, we can each take the next right steps of faith - to “move the dial” of faith - and therefore actively grow as disciples of Jesus, and experience the spirit-led, abundant life that Christ promised to those who trust in and follow him. 

Join us this summer as we explore what it means to be a 21st-century disciple of Jesus of Nazareth.

Summer Sermon Series dates are July 3, 2016 - August 28, 2016, all worship services begin at 13:00 with a time of fellowship to follow each service.

Summer BBQ With The FIBC 'Parents With Young Children' Life Group

The FIBC 'Parents with Young Children' Life Group Summer BBQ

Story and Photos By Hiroko Skov

The FIBC 'Parents with Young Children' Life Group meets about once a month for playing, fellowship and learning about the Biblical principles for parenting. It is a great time for both children and parents and always includes some fun, good food, encouragement and support in our daily journey to fulfill God’s purpose in the world through our families.

Being entrusted with one of Gods small children is a fantastic gift as well as the ultimate responsibility. We feel blessed to be part of the Young children family life group where we get to share the journey with other families from all parts of the world.

These pictures are from our recent summer BBQ and picnic get together when we visited Cindy and Matt Nipper's new garden near Lesøparken, near Bispeberg. 

If you would like to learn more about the 'Parents with Young Children' Life Group or any of FIBC's Youth & Family ministries, please write to and find out how your family can get plugged into the active, encouraging and supportive life of our church family.