Whether you are in Copenhagen for a weekend, a semester, or indefinitely - you are welcome at FIBC. For many people FIBC has become their "church home" away from home. We hope that while you are in Denmark, you will allow God to work in you and through you as you take your next right steps in faith. 



What does FIBC Stand For?

FIBC Stands for First International Baptist Church. The earliest incarnation of FIBC was initiated by Kristuskirken, the first Baptist congregation in all of Scandinavia, as an English-language worship service.

In 2002, FIBC became an independent, international congregation.

When and where does your church meet?

Starting September 1, 2019, our worship services take place on Sundays at 2:00pm at Kristuskirken, Baggesensgade 7, 2200 Copenhagen N.

What is the nearest Train or Metro Station?

The nearest S-Train and Metro station is Nørreport Station. Coming from Nørreport station walk west over Dronning Louise’s bridge on Frederiksborggade (becomes Nørrebrogade) and take your first left after crossing the bridge (along the waterfront) and then right on Baggesensgade. The church will be on your left.

What is an International Baptist Church?

FIBC is a member of the International Baptist Convention (IBC) as well as the Danish Baptist Union.  We teach and preach in agreement with the doctrines of faith outlined in our Teaching Guidelines. Although we are a Baptist church, our members and visitors come from a variety of denominational backgrounds as diverse as the nations we come from.

Does FIBC have a nursery during Worship Services?

Yes! FIBC is passionate about serving parents and kids during our worship services and one way that we do that is by providing a fun, interactive, teaching nursery experience for the little kids while mom and dad are studying the Bible. Of course, kids are welcome in the worship service as well.

What about appropriate dress code for church?

At FIBC we encourage people to "come as they are." For some people this means jeans and a t-shirt and for others it means a jacket and tie. Just like you'll see every shade of skin tone at FIBC, so too will you see every manner of fashion.

Does FIBC have Sunday School?

Yes. Most Sunday services include a Sunday School element for kids ages 6 - 10. Our Sunday School classes are focused on helping kids to become rooted in God's Word, His promises, and an understanding of His will for our lives.

Some weeks at FIBC are designated as "Family Sundays" and will feature a sermon that is both kid appropriate and intended for the whole family. On "Family Sundays" there will be no separate Sunday School. Currently there are no adult Sunday School classes.

Is sermon audio available online?

Yes. You can listen to and download recent FIBC sermons at Soundcloud and older sermons at iTunes.

I am looking for an apartment / place to live in Copenhagen: can the church help?

Housing in Copenhagen is in high demand and can be difficult to find (especially for short periods). Currently the church does not have any housing available to rent / offer. We suggest visiting (Danish site similar to Craigslist) or subscribing to or (sites have an English option) to begin your housing search. It is also helpful to network with fellow nationals living in Denmark - many have their own Facebook Pages. Good luck.

Other questions?

Feel free to email pastors(AT) and we will be happy to respond.