Introducing '5th Sunday Fellowship' for 2016

This Sunday, January 31 is the 5th Sunday of the month. And we are starting a new tradition at FIBC for months with 5 Sundays. We're calling it '5th Sunday Fellowship' (it's a working title for now). In 2016, there are 5 Sundays in January, May, July, and October.

Unlike all other Sundays at FIBC, on 5th Sundays in 2016, there will be no formal fellowship hour at the church after the service. INSTEAD, we are encouraging everyone to go out with a friend(s) for coffee or lunch or a walk through Norrebro or back home for a cozy potluck meal.

So, go ahead and text someone you've been meaning to meet up with a schedule an appointment for after the service THIS SUNDAY. We hope you enjoy this new 5th Sunday Fellowship tradition (and if you have a better idea for the name, let us know in the comments!).