Why We Give:

At FIBC we believe that giving is an act of obedience, gratitude, and love. As Christians, we believe that everything we have has been given to us. Therefore, we "offer back" from all the good things that God has given to us. This includes giving from our finances, our talents, our time, and our energy.

We invite you to prayerfully consider how you can best invest in the building of God's kingdom here in Copenhagen and to the ends of the Earth.


Ways to Give:

(1) During A Service: Each Sunday we take up a collection of tithes and offerings as a part of our community worship service.

(2) Online Giving: Additionally, if you are interested in giving online to FIBC, you can transfer gifts and contributions into the church's Danske Bank account (Reg. no. 1551, Account number 4280137081). Absolutely all of your giving and personal information will be held in strict confidence and will not be shared.

*Note for Danish Tax Payers: In order for your financial gifts to FIBC to be tax deductible, you will need to contact our administrator Ann so that she can register your CPR number with the Danish tax authorities. You can also write to Ann with any other giving or tax-related questions.

**Note for US Tax Payers: A special organization working with international churches, called International Baptist Church Ministries (www.IBCMworld.org), is set up to help you maintain proper receipts for deductions on US tax returns. When you send your tithes, offerings or gifts to IBCM and designate it to FIBC, they will then send it directly to FIBC.


Other questions about Giving?

Write to Ann at abhansen.admin(at)fibc.dk with any giving, banking, or tax deductibility questions.