The Wonderful Cross | The 2016 FIBC Easter Choir Celebration

On March 20, the FIBC choir once again came together to perform a beautiful, powerful series of songs, this time celebrating 'The Wonderful Cross' of Christ for the Easter season.

If you were at the worship service on March 20, then you know how special the choir performance was. But if you've never participated in one of FIBC's choirs, then below are some thoughts from a few of this year's participants that give insight into what an extraordinary experience it is to worship through the choir: 

"[This Easter] was the second time I joined the FIBC choir. Two main things were surprising for me: the rehearsals were not boring and exhaustive at all - we had a lot of fun and shared communion together. Secondly, through participating in the choir, I was able to go beyond the sheet music and worship God in truth, both during the rehearsals and the service itself. It was amazing to sing about Jesus resurrection, and the forgiveness of sins and hope we have through Him." -Bruno, Brazil
"Singing in the choir not only gives the opportunity to express the wonders of God in music, but it also bonds the singers together as a team, in fellowship and love. If you have never tried to sing in the choir, I would strongly recommend it: blessings guaranteed." -Frieda, Indonesia
"There's a gazillion reasons why I love joining the FIBC choir for the Easter and Christmas concerts. But these stand out: (1) It's a great way to fellowship with others from the church and we always help each other through difficult passages, (2) You get to see a different side of Pastor Erik. He is always happy, smiling, he jokes, has an amazing voice and can pitch himself at any voice type effortlessly; it's like watching a professional juggler, and (3) lastly, for this particular Easter, as I sang praises of The Wonderful Cross, it made me realise that no matter how crap life may seem sometimes, I am already victorious through His death and resurrection and when I worship, I dedicate my best back to Christ who gave me all." -Kay, Singapore

Thanks so much to all who participated in this year's Easter choir and who attended the performance on March 20. To learn more about how you can get involved in upcoming FIBC choir events, email today!

Special thanks to Rochelle Coote for the lovely photos posted in this blog post.