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Summer BBQ With The FIBC 'Parents With Young Children' Life Group

The FIBC 'Parents with Young Children' Life Group Summer BBQ

Story and Photos By Hiroko Skov

The FIBC 'Parents with Young Children' Life Group meets about once a month for playing, fellowship and learning about the Biblical principles for parenting. It is a great time for both children and parents and always includes some fun, good food, encouragement and support in our daily journey to fulfill God’s purpose in the world through our families.

Being entrusted with one of Gods small children is a fantastic gift as well as the ultimate responsibility. We feel blessed to be part of the Young children family life group where we get to share the journey with other families from all parts of the world.

These pictures are from our recent summer BBQ and picnic get together when we visited Cindy and Matt Nipper's new garden near Lesøparken, near Bispeberg. 

If you would like to learn more about the 'Parents with Young Children' Life Group or any of FIBC's Youth & Family ministries, please write to and find out how your family can get plugged into the active, encouraging and supportive life of our church family. 

A Night On The Town With The High School Life Group

For years, the FIBC family has included a number of amazing high school students who have been involved with our community in a variety of ways: from serving in the pre-school class to helping run the church Youth Group to participating in our annual mission trips to Poland. And at the core of this high school group, is the FIBC High School Life Group.

This spring we are "sad-happy" to say farewell to several members of our life group as they move on to their next adventure - university and adulthood! But before we let them leave Copenhagen and FIBC, we decided to send them off with a bang - spending an evening wandering through Nyhavn, dining at Copenhagen Street Food, and cruising Copenhagen Harbor on the super hyggelit Copenhagen GoBoats. 

Below are some snapshots from a golden evening spent together. As for the students soon departing Denmark: friends, you will be missed. But we have the highest hopes for the many great things to come in the days ahead. We hope you know that you will always have a home at FIBC.

Learn more about FIBC Youth & Family Ministries here.

FIBC Church Life: Children's Nativity Play

For the past several years, the FIBC pre-school ministry team, pre-school kids and their parents have put on an annual Christmas Nativity Play. Each year, the play features Copenhagen's cutest angels, shortest shepherds, and most unpredictable (and wandering) wisemen! Without question, the children's Nativity play is the most adorable event in FIBC's annual calendar (the photo above says it all). 

This past December, we were lucky enough to have Rochelle Coote (who also helped coordinate the play) capture the Christmas cuteness and chaos with her keen eye and deft camera skills. And even though it's nearly Easter now, we think that these lovely, smile-inducing photos were well worth the wait.

Thanks to all the parents, kiddos, and helpers who helped to make last Christmas' Nativity Play come to life. And thanks to all the loving volunteers who make FIBC's Youth & Family Ministries happen all year long! We are so thankful for the youth and families of our wider FIBC church family.

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